The Taste of Joy and Kindness

A cup of coffee may be the most ordinary product that everyone can have access to, and we believe so should good mental health. That is why we are committing 10% of profits from our subscription business to help those individuals who are battling with mental health issues bravely. Your Story is critical to help us to do so.

Sharing your story or words of encouragement could be surprisingly helpful, comforting and healing to many others. 

Whether yourself or you are aware of someone who are going through a difficult time, or have a tip or words of encouragement to share after coming out the other end, we'd be grateful to hear your story.

We want to do something nice for those who deserves a pat on the shoulder to know that they are not alone: from a bouquet of flowers, a bag of our coffee, contributed funds to access to therapy or a sponsored well-deserved holiday.

So, empower us to put a smile on someone's face.

What will my story be used for?

Your story could help us spread awareness of our work and increase our capability to help more individuals wherever we could. 

We may choose to add your story to our packaging and to share the positivity and inspirations with other customers. 

Your story may be used in Huke Coffee's or our partners’ internal and external communications for commercial or non-commercial purposes, including on the website, on social media channels, and in the media (including radio, TV, online and print).